S-Multi Digest is a supplement that designed to improve digestive health. The main ingredients, papaya enzyme or papain, is a naturally occurring enzyme found in papaya, which is well-known for the numerous digestive health benefits that it boasts of. Eating habits nowadays such as rushed meal, extra-large serving sizes, and eat large amount of low quality meal that can put great strain on our digestive system. By taking S-Multi Digest with a meal helps the body more efficiently to digest and it aids in the breaking down of meat fibers. It provides you the health benefits of eating a whole papaya without the effort or the calories.

Multi digest帮助及促进人体消化系统的健康。它的主要成分是摄取来自于木瓜果实中的木瓜酵素。现今的饮食习惯如暴饮暴食及食用大量的肉类将带给我们人体消化系统的负担。服用S-multi digest 能有效促进消化能力及帮助分解肉类纤维。

The User Of Multi Digest
  After dinner burnout, fatigue   饭后出现倦怠感,容易疲劳
  Indigestion, often fart
  Food allergy, atopic dermatitis, asthma
  Heartburn, chest pain
  Dizziness, dry skin
  Bloating, abdominal cramps
  Stomach pain, bloating, nausea, stomach discomfort
  Diarrhea, constipation, foul-smelling stools, hemorrhoids
  Physical pain, physical flow
  Shoulder pain, headaches, insomnia
  Mouth pain, bad breath, body odor

The Health Benefits Of Multi Digest
  Promote appetite, improve assimilation   促进食欲、帮助消化、调整体质
  Regulate health, promote metabolism
  Maintain health, regulate physical functions of the body
  Strengthen body, promote longevity
  Boost vitality, remove fatigue
  Nutrient supplement, aesthetic effects, maintain youthfulness
  Prevent thirsty, reduce anger, and prevent bad breath
  Change the fascicular of bacteria, maintain enteron function
  Nourishment before and after childbirth
  Promote vermiculation of intestine for smoother defecation
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