The MICORO Natural Herbal Oral Rinse extracted from a variety of tea extracts, black tea tastes, mildness mellow, non-irritating. Currently is the most popular oral care product in Japan, Europe and the United States and other countries. Composition containing natural catechin in 30 seconds can effectively inhibit bacteria, prevent oral diseases, relieve gums problem and inflammation, eliminate the smoke smell, and keep the mouth clean, fresh and healthy.

The MICORO Natural Herbal Oral Rinse all the ingredients are natural plant extracts fermentation, does not contain any drugs and chemical composition. Safety and suitable for pregnant women, children, diabetic patient assured to use.

Micoro 天然草本漱口水萃取于多种茶叶精华、红茶口味、温醇回甘,无刺激性。目前是日本,欧美等个国家最流行的口腔保健佳品。



The User Of Micoro
MICORO Suitable use for:
Business & dating frequent office workers;
Oral diseases such as toothache, periodontitis, oral
ulcers and gingivitis;
Children, maternal or pregnant women, the elderly
and bedridden patients;
Teeth whitening enthusiasts;
Able to remove tartar and plaque, such as long-term
habit of drinking tea parties;

MICORO 適合以下人士使用:


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