Borneo Organic Lemon Enzyme is made from 100% Organic Citron (Citrus Medica L Species). In the initial production process, whole Borneo organic citrons are being crushed into pieces. Isomalto-Oligosaccharides is then added to the crushed citrons, and allowed to ferment naturally for around 3 - 6 months. The lightly bitter but delicious enzyme is then ready for bottling.

The strictest procedures are adhered to during the various stages of producing the enzyme, including juicing, crushing, fermentation and bottling; it is to preserve its nutrients and also to retain its natural medicinal qualities.

Organic lemon enzyme is widely known for its antiseptic, antibacterial, anti-aging, anti-fatigue and anti- inflammatory qualities. It strengthens our immune system and helps detoxify our bodies. It also helps to neutralize free radical activity.

婆罗洲有机柠檬酵素是把整个婆罗洲有机柠檬碎成细小碎片,然后添加异麦芽低聚糖,让它自然发酵至3至6个月左右。婆罗洲有机柠檬酵素的原料,包括柠檬皮和柠檬种子,因此它带有少许苦涩味。除了自然存在于柠檬皮的抗癌物质(柠檬烯)具有对抗癌症的能力,柠檬皮也含有名为Salvestrol Q40的化合物,它能够抑制癌细胞的生长。


The Secrets Of Borneo Organic Lemon
The fragrant fruit of citron (Lemon Family) is one of the world's most valuable fruits in terms of medicinal value due to:
It’s rich in vitamin C, vitamin A and folate;
It’s high in minerals such as potassium, calcium and phosphorus;
It consists of unique flavonoids that have strong antioxidant effects and anti-cancer properties. Limonene that is found in skin of the fruit has been shown to prevent cancer;
Another compound called Salvestrol Q40 that is found in fruit skin can inhibit the growth of cancer cells, according to the scientists in Montfort University in United States;
It has detoxification effect as it helps to cleanse the pus and waste substances that accumulate in our wounds. This cleansing action helps to promote a faster recovery of our body;
It eliminates foreign substances or invaders to prevent various infections & allergies;
It maintains healthy flora in the intestines to promote healthy digestive system;
It has natural slimming and whitening effects to body;
It prevents and eliminates skin pigmentation;
It enhances liver functions;
It prevents osteoporosis;
It assists in curing respiratory disorders & rheumatism;
It helps in dissolving kidney’s stone & gallstones;
It maintains a mild alkaline PH level for blood to support optimal health;
It promotes metabolism and regeneration of damaged cells thus boost stamina level;
  美国蒙特福特大学科学家发现,柠檬果皮里有一种叫Salvestrol Q40 的复合物,它可以杀死人体内刺激癌细胞生长
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