Kusi Enzyme has been developed to comply with macrobiotic dietary guidelines and the Yin Yang balance. This product has earned high praise by Kushi in person as "a food that concentrates Kushi marcobiotic". By simply applying Kusi Enzyme in the daily diet, one can readily experience the benefits of Kusi macrobiotics without learning any complex theories.

Over eighty types of vegetation has carefully selected including whole cereal grains, beans, vegetables, fruits, herbs and sea vegetables. These raw materials are vegetation grown domestically in Brazil. All products are safe and free from agriculture chemicals, cultivated with the power of the Brazillian land.

The ANB Farm, surrounded by four rivers, is blessed with abundant source of high-quality water. At least five spring have currently been confirmed which are located within the farm. The high quality, sparkling pale blue in color, is rich in silicone and has unique mineral balance. The water hardness is only 1.2, which is miraculously soft for spring water, and not many examples of similar natural products exist in the world. Needless to say the water does not contain any contaminants.

Kusi Enzyme is fermented using natural yeast and lactobacillus, just like many other fermented food. After fermentation using natural yeast and lactobacillus, the third fermentation occurs from acetic bacteria from the local farmland. This third fermentation process gives a better effect.





The Health Benefits Of Kusi Enzyme
Improve Body Constitution
Enzymes assist the organs in removing wastes and toxins from the body, Assist in maintaining the weak-alka-line state of blood. Strengthen the body cells and immunity. Normalizing hormone balance.

Enzymes enhance the functions of leucocytes to kill bacteria. Once the antibodies combine with antigen it requires a series of enzyme reaction to complete the antibacterial action.

Improve Digestive System
Enzymes help to enhance food digestion and increase assimilation and absorption of nutrient.

Generate energy
Enzymes prompt the oxidation of glucose, which creates energy for cells.

Healing of inflammation does not merely depend on enzymes. However enzymes do help to increase the vitality of leucocytes and thus increase the healing process.

Detoxification and Blood Cleansing
Enzymes help to disintegrate and decompose toxins, metabolic wastes and other body wastes in our body wastes in our body parts and bloodstream, and excrete them in later stage to maintain a clean and healthy body parts and bloodstream.

Cell Regeneration
Enzymes increase metabolic rate and stimulate cellular metabolism. It promotes the regeneration of new cell to replace the damaged or died cells. Thus long term consumption of enzymes will improve skin complexion and texture.








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