Collagen contents rich protein in human’s body. Collagen accounts for 30% of all protein. It is also the main constitutive protein in human’s body’s organization. It can provide intensity and flexibility which the organization needs. After using high technology to process high purity small molecule of collagen, it absorbs through human’s body’s digestion and coordinates with glucoamine ingredients. It is an essential food to maintain beautiful skin and good health.


Collagen's Function
Strong and elastic bones, unlikely to be rarefaction;
The research report from overseas state that collagen can improve joint disease and osteoporosis effectively. If human's body is lack of collagen, calcareous easy to be unstable, this will affect sclerotin density and cause osteoporosis. While the collagen between joint cartilage, can strengthen the joint cartilage during friction of motion of lubrication, decreases arthritis formation rates, avoiding joint degeneration sickness arriving ahead of time. In German and France hospital, collagen is used as medicine treatment for arthritis and rheumatism.

Fresh looking and elastic skin;
Collagen has accounted quite high content in the skin dermis besides moisture. Not only it has to make sure that skin cell function normally and creates new skin, but also maintain moisture content in the skin dermis which makes the skin more tender and delicate.

Protect eyes, strengthen internal organ’s function;
Eye cornea is one of the important eye structure. As collagen is the main protein ingredient of the eye cornea, absorbing more collagen helps in protecting the eyes. Similarity, the main internal organ in human’s body, such as stomach, intestine and blood vessel contents collagen, as its functions are to protect and strength internal organ.

Improve abnormal hair lose situation;
Insufficient of hair root’s collagen will cause hormone being out of balance, psychogenesis due to hair loss and white hair. The best way to solve white hair, hair loses and sparse hair to consume collagen as supplement.

国外有研究报告指出,胶原蛋白可有较改善关节疾病及骨质疏松症。人体若处于缺乏胶原蛋白的情况下,钙质不易固定,易影响骨质密度而造成骨质疏松等情形发生。 而关节软骨间的胶原蛋白,能够强化关节软骨在运动摩擦时的润滑度,降低关节炎的发生率,避免关节退化提早到来。在德国和法国的医院,甚至将胶原蛋白当作关节炎 和风湿的治疗药。

在皮肤真皮中除了水分中之外,胶原蛋白亦佔了相当高的含量,他不但负责使皮肤细胞正常运作、创造新的皮肤之外,还可以在皮肤的真皮内部保持水分,使皮肤娇嫩。 当真皮层的胶原蛋白随着老化而性质改变、含量减少时,则易导致肌肤出现松垮的现象。

眼角膜是眼睛重要机构之一,其中所含胶原蛋白纤维呈现则排列,此种结构不但可让光线透过,也因为此种胶原蛋白纤维特俗的排列方式,是眼角膜呈现透明。由于胶原 蛋白也是眼角膜主要之蛋白质成分,所以多摄取胶原蛋白有助于保护眼睛。同样在人体主要的内脏器官及组织,如胃、肠、血管等亦含有胶原蛋白,其最大功能是在保护 及强化脏器。。


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